Pergolas, The Way to Enhance the Outdoor Space with Style

Pergolas, The Way to Enhance the Outdoor Space with Style

The main role of pergolas is to provide shelter. Most common structures involve the main framework with its vertical columns and crossbeams or louvers creating a semi-closed roof. While the materials used for pergola building vary, the most popular option is wood.

Apart from their main function – that of providing shade and shelter, pergolas also serve as captivating focal points that transform the backyard into an inviting and cozy retreat. Let’s explore the enchanting world of pergolas and the ways they can enhance the backyard design.

Pergola styles for every taste

Pergolas, The Way to Enhance the Outdoor Space with StyleThe imposing structure of wooden pergolas alone is enough to transform the backyard. While it’s imposing, its semi-open roof creates an airy feeling and allows for multiple style options. The partially open roof may consist of crossbeams or a lattice design that is unique if you consider that the sizes and shapes differ as much as the timbers and colors. In this sense, even a typical – at first glance – wooden pergola can make a difference and align with any architectural style.

Depending on the overall pergola construction, the color, and the timber, the design may be intricate or minimalistic.

Enhanced pergola aesthetics combined with function

The semi-open pergola roof structure gives room for many design options. While it’s designed this way to partially protect from the elements, the addition of plants or fabrics will enhance protection. At the same time, such additions are beautiful. They add some sophistication to the structure, complement its usefulness, and create an aesthetic allure.

The open lattice design allows filtered sunlight to create a dappled effect, providing a comfortable outdoor space without complete seclusion. The structure alone creates a perfect scenery for a serene afternoon out in the open or for outdoor entertainment without missing out on the stars in the sky. The ability to add and remove fabrics and plants as you see fit gives you the chance to enhance shelter or not. And to change the aesthetic scenery depending on what you do.

It’s fair to say that greenery and fabrics are not reserved only for the roof. It’s common to place drapes or curtains on the sides to create an airy feeling and, at the same time, enhance privacy and protection. As for greenery, most people incorporate climbing plants or vines, ensuring a natural look. Over the years, the plants become intertwined with the pergola, creating a living canopy.

Wooden pergolas elevate design all on their own

Pergolas, The Way to Enhance the Outdoor Space with StyleIt’s not a coincidence that most homeowners go for wooden pergolas. They often like to match the pergola’s material with the deck’s material. And whether you have cedar or ipe decking, a matching pergola will complete the setting, making it warm and stunning.

The versatility of the pergola lattice design

In spite of the pergola’s roof design, it’s still semi-open. This functions well not only to filter the sunlight but also to hang items. While hanging fabrics and plants is common practice, you can also hang lighting fixtures or lanterns and thus, enhance the ambiance. Colorful paper lanterns at different heights will completely change the setting and add a splash of magic to the backyard. One more way to make the atmosphere magical is to lace or hang string lights. Or, wrap string lights around the posts. Depending on the structure, one could even hang a hammock from the pergola. Or, a ceiling fan to create a comfort zone when it gets hot.

Pergolas offer much more than shade and shelter; they offer alternative outdoor decorative ideas and open the horizons for even more design options that will make your backyard one of a kind and comfortable. Exactly what you need.