Patio Design Ideas – For Perfect Outdoor Moments

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Designing the patio in your home is much more than deciding about colors and trends – all things regarding the aesthetic part of the project. It is also about deciding on a layout that would make the patio area truly convenient, as per your personal requests.

The tricky part? You may like one thing but feel obliged to do another. That happens due to space limitations or landscape requirements, if you will. Also, due to budget restrictions.

At the end of the day, what’s vital is to create your own personal haven, where you can relax and feel at home. Assuming that you could use some tips, we put together our thoughts and experience to help you with this great project of yours.

While designing patios – food for thought

  • patio designThink of what you wish to have first – before you even talk to a patio contractor, before you even start researching materials. Your thoughts should go around your personal needs – do you want to eat outdoors? Spend time outside with the children? Read? The activities you have in mind and your personal requirements will help you build the ideal patio design.
  • Think of what you like, in terms of colors, designs, styles. Although taking a look at what’s out there will be eventually helpful, it’s best if you get your thoughts organized and focused on your favorite styles and colors before you let images influence your decisions.
  • Think of the possible restrictions in your garden. Are there some bushes and trees in the area you have chosen to build a patio? Is this favorite area of yours quite narrow? Is there a wall – the fence separating your home from that of the neighbor’s? Let no obstruction thwart your plans. Some of these obstructions can be embedded in your design, always with the assistance of an experienced patio company.
  • Think out of the box. If there’s a quite big backyard area, why not split it into small patio areas? Spot activities – dining, reading, relaxing? They can be farther apart if you want to separate your social life with that of your children. Or the activity areas may be separated by bushes and shrubs, making your yard even greener.
  • While thinking of the patio design, consider the elements – in a dual sense. On the one hand, you need to protect this outdoor area from the winds, the rain, or even the sun. And you can do that with a wooden pergola on top of the patio. Or, on the other hand, by taking advantage of the inclined landscape to create a green, escalating wall. Or, create new green areas. Or, bring in some water source, something like a pond, close to the patio. Or have the patio face the pool deck area.

Need a concrete patio or a wooden deck, after all?

building patiosAre you considering patio paver designs? Vintage tiles? Concrete? Or abandon all that for a wooden deck as your outdoor floor? One of the most important aspects of building patios is deciding on the material used for the ground. In this context, prioritize your choices based on two aspects: your taste and maintenance.

The patio comfort three more steps away

While your comfort is subject to the initial plan and thus, the space and the activity areas you set from the beginning, it is also determined by a few more things. The more important ones?

  • The patio furniture – choose based on the layout and size of the outdoor construction. You need to feel comfortable when sitting but also when walking.
  • The heat source – your comfort is also subject to the temperatures. Unless your home is located in a very hot area, you will need some kind of heating source, like an outdoor fireplace or a pit.
  • The patio lights – sometimes we forget the most essential things, like lighting. Fortunately, the outdoor lighting choices are multiple and so you won’t have trouble finding what you need. Just make sure to choose based on the outdoor activities (task light, ambiance light).