How Well Have You Designed the Deck & Outdoor Layout?

How Well Have You Designed the Deck & Outdoor Layout?

Planning deck layouts is much more than taking a piece of paper and sketching a design. It’s mostly about measuring, taking into consideration the terrain, finding out if there are utility lines running underground, inspecting the land’s inclination, and estimating your particular needs. And that’s just the beginning because once deck builders take over, they need to put all that into practice.

Which are the risks when outdoor decks are not designed properly?

How Well Have You Designed the Deck & Outdoor Layout?

A bad design will lead to a bad deck building. One of the worse nightmares when it comes to such situations is safety. Even low decks may cause accidents, let alone if this is a multi-level deck. The more terrain abnormalities, the more accurate must be with the calculations and the building of the deck.

While the family’s safety is the first and foremost consideration, there is a risk of some other problems popping up due to bad planning. For example, choosing a non-suitable material for your location. Or not calculating the deck size you need or the deck size that fits in your backyard.

The deck is part of the whole outdoor area

When we think of our dream deck, we only consider what we like to put on it – and that’s major. You need to decide on the function to explain your needs to the deck contractor. But sometimes, our needs are restricted by our land. The first thing to consider is the size of the backyard. Decks can be made at any size and shape, but it’s important to remember that they are part of the whole. They shouldn’t overcrowd while at the same time, they should serve your needs.

What’s your backyard like now?

Sometimes, designing a deck is subject to the existing backyard structures. For example, there might be a gazebo in your backyard. Or you may already have a grill or an entire backyard kitchen. In such cases, you may want the deck built right by the pool or under the gazebo or close to the outdoor kitchen. Or, close to the home structure – if there’s no other structure in the yard and you want the deck to be the extension of your interior.

Did you forget to think of electric power?
How Well Have You Designed the Deck & Outdoor Layout?

Among other things that would require electrical power, you will need lights. Otherwise, how will you sit, eat, and entertain on the deck? It’s easy to miss such technical details, especially if you are not a deck builder. Details matter for ultimate enjoyment and convenience on the deck – for safety too, if this is a tall deck and hardly any lighting.

Planning goes beyond designing the deck

Designing the deck is primarily about focusing on the shape, height, material, size, and all other technical details but it’s also about considering the existence or not of stairs. Or, of a heat source. And of a roof. Most decks are out in the open. But it’s best to have shelter to make the decking area an all-season outdoor point. If there’ll be stairs, you need to consider having them lit. Plus, you need to consider the most convenient and safer railings for your family. And how about if there’s a disabled person in your family but the terrain forces you to have a multi-level deck? Wouldn’t you want to give access to the wheelchair, for example? As for the heat source, it’s best to consider building an outdoor fireplace – or at least, an outdoor firepit – something that will keep you warm when it gets cold. But if you haven’t planned for it from the start, it may not be enough space later.

The outdoor layout and all things in the backyard – if there’s a pool or not, if the terrain is soft or inclined, et cetera, affect the design of the deck. Then come your needs and desires. And then come all the small details, which are considered substantial when you finally get out in the deck and you want to enjoy and not feel uncomfortable. Planning well is key to a deck that will be your in-home getaway – your house’s and family’s pride and joy.