Decks, Bringing the Inside Outdoors

deck building

Having an outroom just right outside the kitchen or living room is such a convenience that even those who wouldn’t have considered deck building, they make it a priority – at one point. Paired with a wooden pergola, a deck will become the outside room, just like that.

Such projects involve a bit more than just making the outdoor the extension of the indoor environment. To bring the inside out, you actually need to create the indoor replica outdoors. And we’ll tell you what it takes.

It takes a deck – maybe, a pergola too

wood deckJust to create the home’s extension outdoors, you need a wood deck – maybe composite, whatever you like. To create the impression that the outer room is indeed the extension of your indoor, it’s best to stick to similar materials as those indoors. Alright, they cannot be exactly the same due to the high resistance required out in the open. But let us start with the floor. If you have wooden flooring indoors, it’s best if you go for real wood or composite decking too. If there are big openings, the outroom will truly be the extension of your living room and the whole space will look a lot bigger.

If you have tile flooring, you can opt for a patio, concrete or interlocking, whatever feels good, looks nice, and is a match to the indoor floor. Whether you opt for a deck or patio, consider getting a pergola too. Or think of other ways to create shelter, unless there’s already an outer ceiling.

The point is that to create an outroom, you need to focus on the outside floor first.

It takes quite some deck space

It doesn’t matter how small or big your backyard is; an outroom will look great, anyway. Naturally, the bigger the space, the better in terms of how you can set things and what you can do outdoors. And so, the more space you can occupy, the more convenient it will be for you in the future.

Always remember that a deck builder can use space even if there are some inclinations and turns. Even if there are trees in the way. What’s more wonderful than having a tree right in the middle of your outdoor decking?

It takes some awesome deck furniture

deck builderThe available deck space will dictate the kind of room you can create outdoors. If it’s big enough, you can create three areas – outdoor kitchen, dining table with chairs, seating area. If it’s not big enough, you can bring out the furniture you feel more comfortable sitting on, like a sofa and a few chairs combined with a big coffee table – or smaller side tables. The whole point is to create an area – or multiple areas, if possible, to enjoy your moments outdoors whatever you do – eat, have a drink, read, chat on the phone.

It takes deck lights

Don’t forget the outdoor lights. If there’s a pergola over the deck, it would be perfect for the installation of the lighting fixtures. Although most people prefer ambiance lights for relaxed moments in the outer room, get some task lights too. That’s quite essential if you plan to eat outside – and want to know what you are eating, if you plan to cook in an outdoor kitchen, or if you like to read out in the open.

It takes outdoor heat

The truth is that most folks like the idea of bringing the inside out for the summer months. The rest of the year, they don’t need the replica – they have the real kitchen and living room. But since the idea is to spend time outdoors as often as you get the chance but the weather is not always on your side, get prepared with some outdoor heating source. The usual sources? Outdoor pits and fireplaces – whatever will suit you best. And voila, your mission is accomplished, the inside has been completely transferred outdoors. Enjoy it!