Creating an Outdoor Room

Creating an Outdoor Room

This may come as a surprise but you may already have a semi-ready outdoor room at home – you just don’t know you do. Let’s see: if there’s a beautiful wooden deck in your backyard and a few chairs and sofas, you are halfway there.

People often forget what they’ve got in their backyard. Or that they have a balcony, a terrace, or a backyard that can become a splendid outdoor room.

On the other side, there are people who believe they already have an outdoor room just because there’s a cedar deck outside with a sofa and a side table. Not quite there yet.

To create an outdoor room, you need to think as you would if you were renovating your indoor living room. A room must offer comfort, function, and relaxation. And all these things depend on the room’s function, your expectations, and the space available in the backyard or terrace.

An outdoor room may be large or small

Creating an Outdoor Room

Just like it happens indoors, outdoor rooms may be small or big. They may have an odd layout or be rectangular. The size followed by your habits determines the possible uses of the space. Just like indoors. Open-plan layouts often host living rooms and kitchens. A large living room may also have a corner, where the home office sits. The same thing may happen outdoors. You can use the given space just as a seating area or may expand the activities. The decisions get tougher when the space is limited. Then, you need to decide on the function. Will it be an outdoor living room? Will it be a dining table with chairs? It all depends on what you want more and what you usually do.

Your outdoor room must be protected

Pergolas may go a long way when it comes to protecting the outdoor room from the elements. A lovely sofa with a coffee table on an outdoor decking will be really inviting but only when the sun falls and only when it’s not raining. Right?

If the seating area is not protected under an extended roof, you need a pergola, an umbrella, a gazebo, or any other structure you consider sufficient for protection. Of course, a pergola has a semi-closed roof but it can be covered with fabrics. Modern designs involve pergolas with shut roofs too.

As a matter of fact, depending on where the deck is located, you may want to cover the side parts of the pergola too – hence, create a room that will be covered on all sides – even with fabric.

An outdoor room as an extension of the indoor space

How about building a deck right outside of the indoor living room or right outside of the kitchen? Even if the roof doesn’t extend all the way out, you could attach a custom pergola to the structure, opening up your horizons and world. With a sliding glass door that will open all the way, the indoor and the outdoor rooms will be connected and combined.

An outdoor kitchen and living room – or an outdoor open-plan layout
Creating an Outdoor Room

Outdoor rooms created farther from the main house structure may also incorporate a kitchen. Depending on the available space, you could have an outdoor kitchen with a table and chairs nearby and a living room a bit farther – just like you do indoors – an open-plan layout.

Overall, to create an outdoor room, you need a floor and often a ceiling or walls – so to say. You need to consider its function and stick with it, like you’d do indoors to avoid overkilling and overcrowding. Of course, you will need suitable furniture – based on function, as you will also need proper lighting. To make it part of the whole, the overall color palette and style should match that of the interior, although the outdoor room – being outdoors, may have a few pops of color & accents. The main point is that you must think of it as an interior room in order to enjoy it to the utmost.