Composite Decking – When Technology and Charm Meet

composite decks

The demand for composite decks increased over the years, and for many good reasons too. The interesting point is that the high demand combined with new technology made composite a dominant player in the market and not just one more wood deck alternative.

Technology works in favor of improved materials and deck construction, leading to better performance and longer lifespans. At the same time, the aesthetics haven’t remained intact. The choices, in terms of appearance and colors, vary to satisfy the most demanding consumers. And all that without even getting close to breaking down all the other good things about composite decking yet. Shall we do that now?

The composite decking advantage

composite deckingComposite decking has been quite a while in the market. And while the consumers showed some reluctance at first, the large list of the composite deck benefits started becoming truly attractive.

Does this mean that wood decking is about to be forgotten? Not at all. Wood remains forever in everyone’s heart. And truth be told, the beauty of natural wood doesn’t even begin to compare with any other material. But then again, not all wood decks are the same. There are hardwoods and softwoods. And there’s a variety of wood species in each broad category too.

And so, it’s not easy to compare composite and wood decks since there’s pressure treated, mahogany, cedar, ipe deck – you get the picture. But what we can do is shed some light on the amazing benefits of composite decking so that you will know what to expect, just in case you are considering composite deck building.

Decking performance – the king

Due to their composition, composite decks perform well and for years. As all composite materials, they contain wood byproducts and plastic. And it is this mixture that skyrockets the composite deck performance. Composite is highly resistant to all weather conditions, temperatures – anything. And so, it doesn’t rot, warp, crack, or splinter.

Composite deck safety – family-friendly

The above problems of the usual wood deck rotting, warping, splintering, and cracking don’t apply to composite. And this great quality of being resistant also makes composite a safe deck option, especially when it comes to families with children. Splinters alone are enough to cause injuries, particularly to kids. And then, due to the seamless composite deck construction, there are no screws or other fasteners protruding – hence, becoming the reasons for accidents. Composites make decks safe.

Eco-conscious decking – sustainability

Since the landfills must remain free of plastic, the material is recycled and reused for the purpose of building composite decks. The wood byproducts used for making composite is also recycled. Simply put, the forests of this planet are not hurt or affected in any way, while the landfills remain clean of some more plastic waste.

Low maintenance deck – peace of mind

composite deck constructionAssuming you hire a professional composite deck contractor and thus are sure of the quality and the installation, you can forget maintenance. Surely, outdoor decks still need to be cleaned. But there’s no sealing and sanding and painting or staining, as expected to do with wood deck. Due to its composition and the material’s resistance to weathering, rotting, and all bad things that find wooden decks over the years, composite won’t make your life difficult.

Long lasting deck – very durable

Composite is extremely strong. It’s durable. Add to its strength its resistance, and it will be easy to see why composite decks live for decades. If you want to install a deck and hardly bother with it for years, composite is your material.

Versatile and aesthetically charming

Composites do not have the charm of real wood. That’s true. But new technology and the possibility to choose among many colors, finishes, designs, and styles have changed things. An expert’s eye may still tell this is not real wood, but do you care? It still looks magnificently beautiful – exactly as you want it.

Great value for money

If we could find one drawback, it would be its price. Composite decks are very expensive. But that’s the initial price tag. If you consider that you will hardly maintain and will keep it for a very long time, you can understand that composite decks are a truly cost-efficient solution, in the long run.