Transform Your Backyard without Breaking the Bank

While having the money to buy expensive garden furniture and accessories would be great, there’s something nice about transforming your backyard all on your own. You become creative and at times really inventful since improving the looks and function of your outdoor environment on a budget does take some thinking. Often research too. Read More

Composite Decking – When Technology and Charm Meet

The demand for composite decks increased over the years, and for many good reasons too. The interesting point is that the high demand combined with new technology made composite a dominant player in the market and not just one more wood deck alternative. Read More

Patio Design Ideas – For Perfect Outdoor Moments

Designing the patio in your home is much more than deciding about colors and trends – all things regarding the aesthetic part of the project. It is also about deciding on a layout that would make the patio area truly convenient, as per your personal requests. Read More

Decks, Bringing the Inside Outdoors

Having an outroom just right outside the kitchen or living room is such a convenience that even those who wouldn’t have considered deck building, they make it a priority – at one point. Paired with a wooden pergola, a deck will become the outside room, just like that. Read More

Concrete Patio or Wooden Deck?

While their purpose in life is exactly the same, outdoor decking and patios are two different constructions. So, before you start asking yourself whether a concrete patio or a wooden deck will be the best solution for your backyard, it’s important to decide with structure will best fit your needs (and taste). Read More

Wood Decks: Stain or Paint?

The deck finishing method defines the material’s performance, its longevity, its overall durability. Depending on whether you stain or paint wood decks, the appearance will be completely different and so will be this home improvement’s level of difficulty and the cost. Read More