Best Deck Solutions for Small Spaces

Comfortable deck

Who said that small decks can’t provide enough room for entertaining and dining – because if we are simply talking about relaxing, one comfy chair will do. Really! Then again, it’s all about finding ways to make the best of a small space.

Small decks are built when the landscape is awkward or when trees, flowerbeds, and bushes get in the way and you don’t want to touch them, or simply when the backyard is small and you have no other option.

When it comes to the latter – having a small space, that is, it’s important to plan well to come up with the best possible deck design for the given backyard. In other words, decks can fit in small spaces. The secret is to let your backyard lead the way.

Choose standard deck shapes

Rectangular and square shapes allow for more used space on the outdoor decking than round shapes would. Such decks may be really small and close to the ground, occupying only a tiny part of your small yard – just enough to put two chaise longue or a dining table with chairs.

Extent your interior living space

Speaking of a table and chairs, you could use the section in front of your kitchen to build a deck where you can set up the summer dining area. Having the deck attached to the main structure is always a good idea for saving space and serves well if you want to be close to the kitchen.

Keep the colors of the deck & surroundings light

Avoid dark, reddish colors, like that of ipe decks or cedar decks. Prefer lighter colors – those closer to lightwood deck grey, for the deck but also the surroundings – the exterior wall, the accessories, et cetera because they make spaces look bigger.

In the same context, stick with a coherent look. When you use matching materials and colors with only a few pops of white or black, the deck area seems larger.

Use the perimeter of the deck as a seating area

For tiny decks where sofas and comfy chairs won’t fit, the perimeter will play a great role. You can place a wooden bench all around – hence, saving space in the middle. The benches may have hidden trolleys for storage underneath or you can simply use the empty space under the benches to store things.

Choose the deck furniture wisely

Get thin and tall tables to give emphasis on height and thus, the impression of volume. At the same time, the space under the tables may be used for storage. For the same reason, use tall plants.

Pergolas and gazebos along with decks

These days, you can have any outdoor structure – from decks and pergolas to gazebos at nearly any size you want. Of course, too small and too big custom pergolas and gazebos are not stable but if there’s sufficient space, you could have a deck and a shelter while you could use the gazebo or pergola to hang things, like lights, fabrics, racks with utility items, et cetera.

A deck idea for even tinier spaces

Keep the deck low for safety reasons, especially when the square footage is limited. It will look bigger too. Two chairs and a side table would fit on any deck size. And if you cannot find shelter under a pergola, that’s all right. You can still get an umbrella.

Multifunction deck furniture

One of the greatest small deck ideas is to get multifunctional furniture – pieces that may serve as tables and chairs. To add to that, get benches that won’t only serve as tables and chairs but also, as a storage room.

Wall racks may serve your deck

By having a wall rack on one side of the deck, you gain privacy and have a place to hang plants, decorate, and keep utility items.

No matter how small a backyard may be, you can still have a small deck and fabulous ideas to make it useful, cozy, and convenient.