Pergolas, The Way to Enhance the Outdoor Space with Style

The main role of pergolas is to provide shelter. Most common structures involve the main framework with its vertical columns and crossbeams or louvers creating a semi-closed roof. While the materials used for pergola building vary, the most popular option is wood. Read More

Patios 101: A Comprehensive Guide

Building a patio is not a decision you make on the go and call it a day. It’s a significant project that is meant to serve your family’s needs and must align with your personal requirements and expectations.

You actually have many things to consider. Because everything about patios – from materials to size – matters enormously and will either make or break your home improvement.

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Deck Safety Checklist: Enjoy without Worrying

Take a moment to consider how much outdoor decks have to put up with year after year – bugs, snow, rain, sunlight, traffic. Should we go on? You get the picture. We all do. What we often fail to see or hardly realize is that deck accidents do happen. They happen due to rotten sections, damaged components, loose railings, and a whole lot more reasons.

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How Well Have You Designed the Deck & Outdoor Layout?

Planning deck layouts is much more than taking a piece of paper and sketching a design. It’s mostly about measuring, taking into consideration the terrain, finding out if there are utility lines running underground, inspecting the land’s inclination, and estimating your particular needs. And that’s just the beginning because once deck builders take over, they need to put all that into practice.

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Creating an Outdoor Room

This may come as a surprise but you may already have a semi-ready outdoor room at home – you just don’t know you do. Let’s see: if there’s a beautiful wooden deck in your backyard and a few chairs and sofas, you are halfway there.

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Best Deck Solutions for Small Spaces

Who said that small decks can’t provide enough room for entertaining and dining – because if we are simply talking about relaxing, one comfy chair will do. Really! Then again, it’s all about finding ways to make the best of a small space.

Small decks are built when the landscape is awkward or when trees, flowerbeds, and bushes get in the way and you don’t want to touch them, or simply when the backyard is small and you have no other option. Read More

Why the Outdoor Décor Is Important?

Isn’t it odd that we take such good care of our home interior and usually neglect the backyard? This makes even more sense in locations, where the climate is pretty good, all year round and so homeowners spend time on the patio quite a lot. While this may sound that no one cares for deck building, garden ornaments, and outdoor improvements, it’s the other way around. Read More

Transform Your Backyard without Breaking the Bank

While having the money to buy expensive garden furniture and accessories would be great, there’s something nice about transforming your backyard all on your own. You become creative and at times really inventful since improving the looks and function of your outdoor environment on a budget does take some thinking. Often research too. Read More

Checklist for Outdoor Decking Safety

Deck problems are not always apparent. It often takes a second look to see that the cedar deck is not at its finest moments or that the ipe deck has seen much better days. What would be the outdoor decking safety considerations? Anything from splinters and loose railings to the absence of lighting. Read More

Composite Decking – When Technology and Charm Meet

The demand for composite decks increased over the years, and for many good reasons too. The interesting point is that the high demand combined with new technology made composite a dominant player in the market and not just one more wood deck alternative. Read More